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Monday, February 15, 2010 / 12:18 AM


So, its valentines day. Went pyramid with the loves one and did what we usually do, watched Tooth Fairy, and its really cute :D Wanted to watch Valentines Day but its all fully booked. After we got our tickets, wanted to go BBQ plaza to have our lunch but closed cause its the first day of cny so yeah. Almost all the shops and restaurants closed so we end up eating McD instead D:

Remember? They got two cars :D

My eyes look so small here,
but its okay with my yellow car :D

We randomly walk around and take pic, not much
cause its kinda troublesome taking the camera in and out.

eeyer, someone act cute :D

in the cinema.
was just trying out the effects.

I leave pyramid around 730 and went dinner
withe the family :D
my favourite japanese restaurant,
they don't close during cny hehe :D

& the deco there are really awesome,
pink tables and chairs.
sushis :D

Im done! :D


So just pull the trigger.
Saturday, January 30, 2010 / 6:07 AM

Anyone intrested in this? :)

Im selling it now since i dont really look good in it.
Unworn, brand new. And its free size :) I bought it through online boutique.
Im now selling it at RM39. In good material.

Email me,


I've been wanted to post this long time ago since holiday? But i got no timeeeeee. School is fine, more tuition more homework. And bunch of awesome classmates :) Everything is fine. Bye! I will update about Chen Young's farewell party later more if i had the time. For your info, it was one or two weeks ago.

Best Friends Forever.
Saturday, January 2, 2010 / 11:20 PM

Hey (: School is starting.. like tomorrow. Heeee, i can't wait but i just hate to wear the damn pinafore. Besides that, get to see my ex-classmates and others cause they got tons of lame jokes that make me laugh like a mad cow. And also free McD, grr last year was awesome :D I also believe that 2010 will be a great year for all of us (:

Although many of my friends going ACE and just left around 5 or 6 of us stuck at Seafield but i had faith that we'll do good in our studies and of course keep in touch! :) I remember there are 10 or more girls recess together, celebrate each other's birthdays. Memories!

Im so ready for school tomorrow :)

Before i end this post, i would like to blog about people i appreciate and never once regret being friends with them :D

See Yee (:

She is a very great friend and a best friend of mine. She crack lame jokes and i know her since we are in primary school, like standard five? We got into same secondary school and we are still best friends :) Thanks for being there for me when i needed you, always. Sometimes, i will laugh at something you do cause i just dont know why. When you talk in that tone, i will laugh. Someday, i will show you how. And I know, sometimes im so annoying HEHE. Also, you always save me when i got no transport. Hope to get into the same class with you this year. We must must must get into the same class :D

JO (:

Something happened between us and we are't that close anymore. But, im glad that we were once so close to each other. To be honest, the food you cooked is so awesome :) See you tomorrow!

Elaine Seng (:

We were once so closeeeee, i know. I miss how we shout at the class everytime, especially at the guys who kacau us alot and ignore the guy who sitting beside us everyday that end up doing things that disappointed us. I missed how we share everything to each other EVERYDAY in class, like everything. Just want you to know, i never regret being friends with you (: Hope to talk to you soon, take care!

Li Teng (:

You transfered to ACE last year and we aren't that close anymore. We dint get to hang out that often anymore and less messages and phone calls. Till now, dint get to spend my holidays with you. Im sorry, but promise! that when we hang out together, will tell you every tiny little detail alright :) take care!

Shu Ying (:

Hi best friend! :D Thanks for being here with me when i needed your advices cause you are like a monk HAHAHA (inside joke) that teached me alot of stuffs. I like to hang out with you, and i remembered when we sleepover at Ruwen's, you are like damn crazy cause im sleeping at your place. I can remember your face and your reaction, seriously damn funny :D Want me video? You laugh at me cause i emo that i got a bad hair day! You're so understanding :) Thanks for being my friend, and im lucky to have you. Dont cry okay! ;)

Ru Wen (:

You are going to ACE and no more seafieldian ): Im quite sad about it cause without you, no more weird sound laughing and its not perfect anymore. No more me you and shuying recess time and no one gonna teman me to buy nasi lemak also ): you are a great friend that you will say "hmm okay" to anything and also listen to my think-too-much's stuffs, also tuition with me almost everyday before pmr. We bought many junk foods and its really fun :D Anyway, hope you will do good in your studies this year. Don't forget me and keep in touch okay! Take care! :)

this comp got lil pictures only so i grabbed the picture from the facebook (:

Jia Yin (:

We got closer earlier this year. We got misunderstandings before that but we sorted it out :) You are a great friend and also understanding. Hanging out with you, was awesome and finally i found someone who love french fries as much as i do :) We even like to create some words that is quite funny, which is quite lame tho. Oh, we like to eat too! :D

Shaujin (:

Her name is stick together!! :D You are going to ACE too this year ): Thought this year stewpids will all in seafield but suddenly, i received your text and said your mum gave you a surprise. Sad that one of the Stewpids gotta go but still hope you enjoy studying there :) Must keep in touch with us, and we just live so near to each other. Oh, your wine is still here! Take care, stay hot :D

Renee Tok (:

Glad that you still at Seafield (: Well, we got some argues earlier this year but im happy that we are now fine and closer than before. We must have more sleepover this year :) We also can spend more time during recess this year cause you had quit prefect. Anyway, good luck in your studies :)

Simone Leong :)

Lala partner orhzxzx ;) First of all, thanks for the birthday card. Love what you wrote inside there, love you! You are a great friend, although we are now in different school but im glad that we are that close and we tell each other what happened in our life, ups and downs :) There's only HYPER when i see you, so fun. Good luck in your studies ;)

Kian Hong (:

One of the exclamtion mark's :D Hope to get into the same class with you next year and stop calling my kfc, thanks! take care :)

Sheng Yang (:

We not that close after few months you changed to ACE, but still i had fun with you this holiday :) And my birthday! Haha thanks for coming. Hope to hang out with you more. Oh, i just remembered i need to go your house and whack you up cause i emo you. HAHA, see you soon :)

Qing Xian (:

We were still close earlier this year but not really after a few months. We still chat on msn, but not that often like last time. We called each other every night/midnight and insult 99. But, we dint do this that often anymore, even hang out. But, i hope you do good in your studies this year cause its your SPM year! Take care :)

Darren noob (:

Hey, now your surname is noob. You are my best friend, also boyfriend ;) I share everything with you, i like to bully you everyday, like to insult you that you're so fat which you are not AT ALL. Thanks for being so patient with me, you know i won't say sweet things like other girls do and never once ffk me everytime when i ask you out. And also, understanding (: Anyway, happy 2 months which is a few days ago. Thanks for everything, i love you. Alright, i really not good in saying sweet things.


HAPPY 2010 (:

Next, countdown at pyramid. But im not sure whether i want to blog about it anot, cause im so lazyyyyyy. See you :)


Birthday wishes.
Friday, January 1, 2010 / 12:58 AM

Facebook -
Nelson Tee, Abel Chan, Haziq Aiman, Keith Yap, Johnson Ong, Dylan Lim, Jeffery Chong, James Kobe, Kok Ken, Ruwen, Yiva, Kerxin, Yat Kuan, Tsiwey, Kian Hui, Yi Jun, See Yee, Shermun, Karyan, Ling Wai, Rong Zhen, Yi Hui, Xin Ning, Shu Ying, Brendan, Kian Hong, Azlan Zainal Abidin, Xing Xing, Jayshi Shan, Tze Ken, Jennis Chan, Darren, Jeremy Yap, Shaujin, Ken Yoong, Yixin, Kevin Wong, Wan Yin, Matthew, Bryan, Zhi Lin, Leonard, Leslie, Jason Kua, Ally Chai, Adam Lai, Kar Yan, Leslei Ong, Leonie, Lionnel Low, Min Yi, Elaine Seng, Marianne Lee, Tharveen Raj, Ashween, Jonathan Wong, Pui Shuen, Jason Lim, Jocelyn Tan, Jun Yi, Keh See, Pek See, Lydia Ling, Jolene Lew, Lisa Pang, Yee Shuen, Renee Tok, Galvin, Julian Yan, Simone Leong, Akmal, Jacqueline Tan, Calsen Lau, Michelle Khoo, Gustine, Mei Yi, Kah Seng, Ah Seng, Edward Goh, Denise Ong, JoJo Tan, Ravi Devan, Shalynn Subro, Chloe Chai, Walid, Afzal Nazeim, Ben Kwan, Kwong Jen, Selva, Mei Ting, Benjamin Tan, Xiao Xian, Shuen Min, Aizat, Bianca Vazquez, Tiffany Leong, Crystal Lai, Jia Yin, Adam Lai, Ujji Bin Rasian.

Phone Calls -
Sheng Yang, Darren, Simone Leong, See Yee :DDDD

Jin Ji, See Yee, Lionnel Low, Bryan, Sheng Yang, Shu Ying, Ruwen, Kok Hong, Qing Xian, ALYSSA, Shaujin, Jia Yin, JO, Renee Tok, Evon Gan, Calvin Chee, Tzi Ying, Li Teng.

sorry, alyssa D:

Thanks for the wishes, people :D

So, im here to post up my belated birthday post :) I woke up around 10ish i guess, and wait for Darren, Walid and his sis to pick me up. Thanks for the ride (: Reached pyramid around 11ish. And we watched ZOMBIELAND :D

I dont think its that nice, but Emma Stone
is HOT ;)

The movie finished around 3ish. And we went Bubba Gump to meet up with them. But, seeyee texted me and said theres no any girl can make it to pyramid due to transport problem and other stuffs. I was so disappointed and really thought that no one want to celebrate my birthday. Awhile more, the guys came. It was Sheng Yang, Matthew, Lionnel, Dylan and Kok Hong.

I was really upset that time HAHAH. Btw, they got me a cake and Bubba Gump is just exactly same like TGIF. They need me to stand on the chair and shake my booty lmao! Just to have my birthday cake lolol. So i did shake my booty, dont laugh okay!

After awhile, around 5ish. Seeyee got to go to some "wedding" so just left the guys there but awhile more they need to go too. So left me and darren walking aimlessly at pyramid ): And sorry, i kept on ask him why they cannot make it one, why why WHY?

Around 8ish, mum called me and want me to go home asap. But i don't feel like, so we went Fullhouse have a drink and mum called again so i just rush home by sitting taxi with darren. Something weird is, he followed me home and he said he wait for his mum to pick him up.

So, he went in. I called him to wait cause i wanna go upstairs to put something.. When i open the door, they shout omg especially dylan's voice HAHAH. I was like OMGGGG. I start pointing out, and said i thought you got no transport, i thought you got piano class, i thought you going to some wedding HUH? I thought you two cannot make it?? I thought you dont want to come. HUH WHY? They laughed HAHAH.

HEHE. Im so happy :D
They must be very very hot to stay in that small room.

Simone,Shu Ying and Lydia :D
They gave me cards, nice!(:

Shaujin was giving me "laptop"
I was like HUH?!

My girls :)

Im glad that i can celebrate
my birthday with you, Lydia :D

Playing truth or dare ;)

Oh btw, we had pizza for late dinner. Chit chatted and it was an awesome night. But if Renee and Jiayin join us on that day, it will be more perfect :D

Group picture of the day.

Oh, incase you dont know. I got a video from Shaujin and the others. I upload it on Youtube but they took the audio out and i dont know whats wrong. Thank you Shaujin! :D

Watch it :D
Some videos are not working, dont know why.
Simone! I wanna watch your video lah :D

New Years Eve :)
I had an awesome countdown with them :D
Will update when i got all the pictures from Renee.


Here we go again.
Wednesday, December 30, 2009 / 12:21 AM

retard face lmao!

Hey! So as you can see, i changed my blogskin and its better than previous one i guess. Oh, 2009 is going to end and im so looking forward to 2010. Form 4! Going countdown with friends tmrw and also me and D's two months, going to watch Avatar and Alvin and The Chipmunks :D Can't wait lolol.

I don't think im gonna post about 2009's stuff cause all the pics in another computer and it sent to repair for like 3 weeks! D: Thanks to the lightning, everything spoiled.

Btw, school gonna reopen soon, like less than a week. I haven't throw the form3's text books and desperately need new pencil case and stationaries. But i got my new bag, its yellow! :D

Anyway, i know i haven't post up my birthday post yet, IM STILL WORKING ON IT. So, bye! :D Im so freakin' lazy to blog these days, might not be blogging anymore.


New boyfriend.
Saturday, December 26, 2009 / 7:28 AM

HOT :)

This my new boyfriend - Seungri from BIG BANG.Don't he look cute and of course, hot. Im sorry, but darren claims that he look as sexy as Seungri. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE. Hah just kidding, you look hotter than him :P And by the way, i missed the christmas celebration @ Ruwen's place ): Also, im still doing with my birthday post. No, actually i haven't even touch that post YET. I'll do it when i really got nothing to do. Cause i looked really sucks with my new bangs and my "sexy" results really ruined my mood for not getting dSLR, hopefully next 2 years dad said. Damn, i can't wait. My bangs really look sucks wei, some said my face like tomato ): BYE!


Im fifteen! :D
Tuesday, December 22, 2009 / 12:11 AM

Hey! :D i will update about my birthday once i got all the pictures alright.
Thanks for the surprise! i love you guys!
And the cards and presents :)


He Knelt To Ground And Said
Marry Me Juliet